Krogerfeedback Survey to win $5000

Krogerfeedback Survey| www.krogerfeedback.con: We all know that Kroger is the Unites States Largest Supermarket Chain, and all famous businesses and organisations need their own survey websites to understand their customers and meet their needs. So Kroger made a Customer Survey website called Customers can participate in the Krogerfeedback Survey in return they are rewarded with $5000 Giftcards or free Kroger fuel points.

If you’re a resident of United States and you visit Kroger Supermarket, then you can participate in the survey and you’re eligible to win $5000 Giftcards. But, if you’re in United states and haven’t visited Kroger, then you should do it right now. As, Kroger is giving Giftcards and Fuel points to make their customers to fill the Kroger Feedback Survey to know their customers valuable feedback.

About Kroger Company:

Every City in United States has at least one Kroger Store. Kroger is the second largest SuperMarket chains in the United States. It covers 2278 locations across the country and serves as one of the largest employers in the world. As, there are growing bigger and bigger, they want to improve themselves which can happen only if they get to know their customer’s feedback. Thats, when they started a website called

Through Krogerfeedback Surveys, the company will know what improvements and changes they can do and so on.

How to win 50 fuel points from Kroger feedback Survey?

Customers can get 50 fuel points by taking part in the Krogerfeedback Survey through their Official Website ( Twelve random draws are selected during the Kroger Fuel points Promotion period. If you’re lucky enough, You might win 50 fuel points from Krogerfeedback.con or you can win $5000 in Giftcards or 100 lucky winners get $100 Kroger feedback Gift Card.  You can check your fuel points at

Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points:

All the required information needed for the participation of the survey is available on the bill receipt. Kroger has different so many different promotions going on all the time, they have good giveaways and sweepstakes. So, make sure you check their website ( regularly if you don’t want to miss anything.

  • This promotion is not available for the residents of Sunshine State.
  • Promotion Mechanics manages the prizes.
  • 100 first place prizes will be given away.
  • Winners will be notified via phone call or email.
  • Kroger has all the rights to cancel any promotion at any time.
  • The winners are contacted at the end of the promotion.

Requirements for Krogerfeedback Survey

  • You must be at least 18 years or older.
  • A computer or Smartphone with working internet connection is required to access the KrogerFeedback Survey website.
  • It is Mandatory to have the bill receipt of your recent purchase from Kroger.
  • You must be a legal resident of United States, but not residing in Rhode Island, New York and Florida.
  • The employees of Kroger company are not eligible for the Kroger Feedback Survey.
  • Even, if you have a family member who’s an employee for Kroger, you’re not eligible.
  • You can only do one survey per receipt at krogerfeedback/com.

It is very important for the customers to take the survey seriously and answer the questions honestly.

Step by Step Guide for Kroger Feedback Survey

Once you meet all the requirements and the eligibility criteria you’re ready for the survey. Follow steps given below clearly to complete the survey and get a chance to win $5000 Gift card or 50 Fuel Points.

  • Open any web browser from your Computer/Smartphone.
  • In the Url bar type and click enter. (or) Go to Google and Search for Kroger Feedback Survey.
  • Wait for the Homepage to appear.
  • After the Homepage is loaded, you’ll find some empty blanks to fill in.
  • You need to enter you date and time of visit and Entry ID, which all of this information is available on the receipt.
  • Click on Start, after filling all these details.
  • The system will process and identify your details.
  • Once the details are identified, It’s time for Questionnaire.
  • You’ll find the options to give feedback, giving ratings and comments honestly.
  • After the survey ends, Enter your personal details like phone number and email address, to enroll you to the Sweepstakes.
  • Lucky Winners get free gift cards or Kroger Fuel points from

Types of Questions asked in the Krogerfeedback Survey

People who already participated in the survey once or twice know what types of questions are asked. If you’re about to do the survey for the first time, it is important to know what to expect from the survey. Here, I’m listing out some questions for the first time people. Here are few examples of questions to expect in the Kroger feedback survey.

  • With Survey, they want to understand if people are happy with their services or not, or is there anything they have to improve on etc.
  • The questions are similar to the following ones. 1) Which store did you visit? 2) What items did you buy? 3) How many did you spend? 4) What is your initial feeling about the price of the product?
  • They also ask you the questions regarding the cleanliness of the place, your experience at the place and hospitality of the staff etc.
  • You are asked give rates for particular services and you can also comment any suggestions.

Krogerfeedback Customer Care|

Kroger Customer Service Number: 1-800-576-4377

You can visit us for more details.

Official Webiste for Kroger Survey :

If you have any other queries related to Kroger survey or Krogerfeedback Survey, please feel free to mention in the comments.

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